Guide To Blending On Wine Making

Blending has become a highly respected part of the process of winemaking. Many winemakers in fact view blending as a highly evolved art form. The basic idea of blending is to mix different wines in order to create a final… Continue Reading

Beginner’s Winemaking

It’s important to do some homework and learn exactly what’s entailed before undertaking the hobby of winemaking. It is not something that can be simply plunged into and then learned along the way. Without the vital research required to have… Continue Reading

Giving Wine As A Gift

There are lots of wines and wine related items of merchandise available these days, but choosing a good wine gift can be a simple process. All you have to do is consider what the recipient enjoys, and what they are… Continue Reading

Famous Chardonnay Back on Top

Chardonnay is a thousand year old small village in Mâconnais in the southern portion of France’s burgundy region. The famous wine Chardonnay most likely originated here and was then spread throughout France by the monks. The earliest recorded reference to… Continue Reading